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A gas fireplace can bring warmth to any room gas fireplaces are a practical and esthetically pleasing addition to your home. They offer all the enjoyment of an open flame, and while a gas fireplace is not as messy as a traditional wood burning fireplace, it still should be cleaned and maintained on an annual basis. There is huge safety risk if you don't keep your fireplace in excellent condition, and because you are working with gas, you must make sure that hire a licensed trained gas fireplace service technician at Furnace Experts we offer Gas Fireplace Cleaning and Tune up as well as repairs to all makes and models call us at 416-223-5000 to book your cleaning and tune up today. We service the following areas: Toronto, Thornhill, Richmond Hill, Scarborough, Markham, Vaughan, Stouffville , Unionville, Pickering, Ajax, Whitby, Oshawa, North York, East York
Did you know? - Many gas fireplaces don’t need electricity to work — an extra practical feature in times when the power goes out and you need heat!

By purchasing a natural gas fireplace, you’ve made an investment that will bring you comfort and satisfaction for years to come. To help ensure that your fireplace always operates safely and at peak performance, make sure to have a professional service your gas fire place. Improperly serviced gas fire places can increase your risk of carbon monoxide being produced. Call Furnace Experts at 416-223-5000 to have your fireplace serviced.

Gas fire places come in three forms: inserts, direct vent (sealed system) design that uses outside combustion air and vent free log sets. There are two common types of log sets. A ‘sand pan’ log set has a gas burner buried in a bed of sand. Alternatively, a burner is located under an open grate. Both types have decorative ceramic logs placed above the burner. Installed  in an open masonry fireplace. Almost all manufacturers recommend that homeowners inspect their gas fireplace once a year and perform maintenance at the beginning of the season to keep it operating safely and efficiently. This type of service should be left to the experts, even if the logs are installed incorrectly, carbon can build up and cause damage to the gas fireplace insert. An improperly cleaned or serviced gas furnace can result in leaking gas and, ultimately, carbon monoxide being produced Over time, the glass on a gas fireplace can become dirty due to the combustion process and you will notice a whitish buildup on the inside of the glass this is usually caused by water components in the natural gas which carry minerals. Luckily, in most cases by using a special cleaner made for cleaning fireplace glass we are able to remove it The glass should be cleaned from the inside once a season. If the glass is not cleaned often enough, the white film will bake into the pores of the glass and will be permanently stained

Furnace Experts is a full-service gas fireplace repair company, specializing in quality inspection, repair, cleaning and tune up of gas fireplaces and gas logs  we service all makes and models of gas fireplaces, but if you do find yourself in need of service and or repair, have the model and serial number of your gas fireplace ready. Also prepare a list of symptoms your fireplace is experiencing, if any and remember only a qualified gas fitter technician should service gas furnaces and gas fireplace. We explain every repair to each customer so they can fully understand how their fireplace works.

Furnace Experts is offering a complete Gas Fireplace Tune Up for only $89 ( reg. $189), it provides homeowners in the Vaughan, Richmond Hill, Stouffville Markham, Woodbridge, North York , Maple, Thornhill, Gta and Toronto. This is a great opportunity to save money, while making sure your homes gas fireplace is operating safely. Proper maintenance and cleaning will give you a cleaner burning fireplace and make your experience more enjoyable

Book a service appointment for your gas fireplace and a technician will check to ensure that your unit is working safely and efficiently by inspecting the following:

Furnace Experts Gas Fireplace Tune Up and Cleaning includes:

Check gas fireplace fan operation

Clean pilot and burners

Check gas fireplace pilot safety system

Check for proper ignition and combustion

Visually check venting and chimney draw, where accessible

Check for adequate combustion and ventilation air

Clean glass with recommended glass cleaner and inspect gasket

Clean equipment exterior

Please call to book your gas fireplace tune up and cleaning in advance to ensure continuous enjoyment. Contact us today (416) 223-5000

GAS FIREPLACE SAFETY MAINTENANCE TIPS. There are almost always warning signs if a fireplace is malfunctioning and in need of service and or repair The most common include:
• pilot light keeps going out or will not light
• loud “booming” sound upon ignition
• delayed ignition (slow to start up)
• excessive black white soot or corrosion inside the fireplace or on the glass
• any continuous or intermittent odour — either the rotten eggs or sulphur smell of the odorant in the natural gas or a sharp odour that may cause eyes to sting.
Gas fireplaces require routine maintenance and service to ensure their proper working order To book your Gas Fireplace Tune up and Cleaning Call 416-223-5000

We also offer the following services:
Gas Fireplace Repair Fireplace Cleaning, Furnace Sales & Service, Furnaces Cleaning & Repair, Tune Ups, furnace repairs; furnace cleaning; fireplace repairs; fireplace cleaning; gas piping installations for gas barbecues, stoves, cooktops, ranges, and dryers

Furnace Experts, services, repairs and performs maintenance on all Gas Fireplace Makes and Models including:

•American Hearth
•Majestic Gas Fireplace Repair
•Central Fireplace
•Heat and Glo Gas Fireplace Service
•Heatilator Gas Fireplace
•Kingsman Gas Fireplace
•Majestic Gas Fireplace Service
•Montigo Fireplace Service
•Napoleon Gas Fireplace Repair
•Real Flame
•Valor and Vermont Castings

Markham & Vaughan Gas Fireplace Service. (416) 223-5000  Serving Toronto Vaughan Richmond Hill , Maple, Thornhill, Call 416-223-5000 Stouffville and Toronto 416-900-3446

Thornhill Area Gas Fireplace Repair Service 416-223-5000

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